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Beitragvon SWR » 18.12.2016, 13:02

Die AMS info Seite unter steht vor einer ungewissen Zukunft, da der Airport seine Website umstrukturiert hat.

hier der Text dazu:

(EN) Uncertain future for this site
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On the 12th of December 20016 Schiphol released a new app and website, of which they are very proud. And for passengers and people picking passengers up, I'm sure it will be a great improvement as it will show exactly the information they need. and no more. One flight, just the basic data.

Plane spotters and aviation geeks on the other hand, we want to know everything. And this site has pulled all that information together from since late 2009. With the new Schiphol website, this data is no longer there for my scripts to fetch. For now, some references to the old site still work, but I doubt this is going to stay that way for long.

Is this the end? There may well be an interruption of considerable time on the horizon. I don't expect Schiphol to re-add avgeek data such as aircraft type and registration. They've chosen for this strategy and they are not going to pull out for a few plane spotters. However, a year ago Schiphol annouced that they are working on an Open Data API, with a bit of luck this was not just a media stunt and will come out soon (please?). I'm also looking at some commercial options, but don't want to go there just yet as some quick cost calculations add up really quickly.

Can I help you ask? Yes! Kindly let Schiphol know what you think about their new website: on Facebook, Twitter or Also, if you know someone who can get me more info on the Open Data API project, please let me know by sending me an e-mail at

For now, use this site to your advantage!
Kind Regards,

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